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er covering of charred feathers and ashes, she laid one for each man present before

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the Big Chief, who, with great solemnity, cast the first one into the fire as a sacrifice to the Great Spirit, the Master of Life. Pieces of bear-steak, which had been sizzling before the fire, were then served, while the Chief entertai

ned his guests with strange monotonous songs,


accompanied by the "shishiquoi," or rattle. Full justice having been done to these and other Indian delicacies, Machecawa addressed t

he new Chief, the interpretation of his remarks being as follows: "

Our white brother will never inspire his enemies with feelings of awe or fear if he does not wear war-paint. Will the white-faced st

ranger consent to let us use our brush so as to make him such an object of terro

r that even his enemies will flee from him?" "No! No!! No!!!" said the new Chief. "Soot and grease and ochre are for Indians, not f

or white men." Whereupon the Indian said: "It is the custom of our chiefs to


chose a manitou, who will protect them in times of danger and who will give them

success in the chase." "Tell them," replied the new Chief, "that the white man's Manitou is a Great Spirit whom we call 'Our Father,' and he saves and keeps and protects us by night and by day." "Will the new Chief then permit us to graven on his body the form of this Great Spirit?" "The form of the Spirit has been engraven on my body," he replied, "when He created me in His like

ness." The little group of settlers observed


ibes, was being tied to the end of an upright pole. Presently the Chief, in a loud voice, began to pray to the 'Great Spirit Father,' the new Chief's Manitou, begging Him to accept the living sacrifice about to be offered. The Indians then rushed upon the animal in a state of frenzy and began to devour the raw, quivering flesh. This weird ceremony was a mystery to the assembled whites, and remained a mystery for


some time. This concluded the ceremonies of the day, and the new Chief and his friends returned to their shanties on the banks of the Ottawa, near the western point of the Gatineau, loaded with glory and Indian hospitality. CHAPTER II. CHAPTER II. THE WHITE CHIEF. 1800. The hero of our sketch, Philemon Wright, was a man forty years of age. In appearance he was of a strong, broad build, and stood six feet in his stockings. A wealth of flaxen hair was brushed straight back from a high and nobl

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